Frog Hollow 2017 Blog - Benjamin Saheb

25 Hours in Frog Town

When every single one of your friends are standing on the podium in their competitive divisions after an unforgettable 25 hour mountain bike race, you can't help but blasphemously look around and think, "what the fuck just happened here?"

That was Frog Hollow in a nutshell. A story where a group of misfits, rebels and crazy ones from the same mountain bike family decided to race together and sweep every competitive division they pedaled in. 

From crazy costumes to unlimited PBRs, from destroyed derailleurs  to creaky bottom brackets and from looking pure exhaustion in the eyes with the mentality of "just puke and rally..." Frog Hollow 2017 was an experience that photos and videos will just never do justice. 

The following is a documentation of that amazing unforgettable experience that will live on our refrigerator magnets, printed on our bed sheets and thrive in oral tradition for years to come. 

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