The Mini Ramp - Benjamin Saheb

The Mini Ramp

A long long time ago, in a mountain town far away, there was a mini ramp nestled into the side of a hill at a small mountain town community college known as CMC. If you were a student  here, this mini ramp was known by all, skated by most and was sacred to some. For years this mini ramp was the reason students kept going to class, was the reason many avoided bad decisions and helped people like myself find a surfy homage in the non snowy months.

As the world came to change and this quaint mountain town grew, new developments ripped out the soccer field and three historic buildings of Colorado mountain College. Along all this new change, the college wanted so badly to get rid of this thing. We fought to the bitter end. Trying to find  a place on campus to move it to but the administration wouldn't budge. Blinded by their deep pocketed beliefs and total remission for students' well being, the mini ramp disappeared one day. I remember the perfect clean square of asphalt it left the day it was gone. It was like the spirit of this college had vanished. It felt cold, it felt totally wrong and was an unfair burial to something so incredibly great. 

Fast forward almost a decade... there I was in some random town in Colorado and as I turned the corner there she was. Just the way she had always been. In the same shape, same same beautiful glory... And just like that it was like taking a trip down memory lane. 

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